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When selling your home, these are just some of the duties of your listing agent.

  1. Schedule Listing Appointment

When sellers decide to hire an experienced Realtor® to sell their home, the agent schedules a time to meet with all the decision makers. They do a walk-through of the property as she takes notes about any upgrades or issues that may need to be addressed in order to get your home ready to sell.

  1. Research Sold Properties

A market research will be conducted before or following the appointment by using the data available in the local MLS. The main focus is to find nearby relevant sales (like kind properties) that have sold within the past ninety days.  Appraisals typically reach back ninety days for comparables.

  1. Research Comparable Days on Market

The data will reflect how long the properties have been on the market.  This will help her better determine the most probable sales price.

  1. Pricing Strategy

Let the showings begin!  If the home is being shown and an offer has not been made within the first two weeks of the listing and your agent is properly marketing the home, in print and digitally, the price may be the obstacle and may need to be repositioned.

  1. Marketing Strategy

Print: Brochures, Just Listed postcards, newspaper ads, magazine ads are just a few of the ways your Realtor should market your home in print.

Digital: Social Media outlets such as facebook, pinterest, youtube, web pages, single-property websites, twitter and google+ are just a few online strategies for getting your home world-wide exposure.

Real estate is no longer a selling business but a marketing business.  Strategic marketing strategies will be discussed with the homeowners with updates on a weekly basis.

Open houses and brokers’ opens offer more opportunities for locals to see your home in its best light.  With proper digital invitations and e-mails, as well as print advertising, the open house will be a great success.

Even though the home is listed on the local MLS, the property details are distributed through list hubs throughout the world.  Realtor.com is a prime example, as well as Trulia and Zillow, also known as Real Estate search engines.

With the information being distributed and showcased in “real time,” any potential buyer can see the property’s photographs and details.

Photography and detail integrity are the most important aspects of marketing.  Using a professional photographer who not only is skilled in angles and lighting, but also HDR and video, can be the greatest strategy for attracting buyers to your home.

The virtual tour is produced from the photographs as well as the video which can be seen on Youtube as well as other social media outlets.

For those homeowners who think selling Real Estate is about hammering a sign in your yard and praying for the perfect buyer to drive by (especially those homeowners who live in gated communities), they might want to rethink that strategy.

Realtors market Realtors.  The relationships developed in this business are key to getting an offer presented and an offer accepted.

Stay tuned for Part II . . .